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Between 23rd - 24th November 2023, our fourth and final LBX City Event took place - L’Extraordinaire Boulangerie. Turning the ordinary into something beautifully extraordinary once again, read more about how the everyday bakery experience was transformed.


Our final LBX City Event, L’Extraordinaire Boulangerie, brought the sensory experience of the LBX to the everyday bakery. Perfectly capturing the essence of the Everyday Extraordinary, it infused the ordinary with splendour. Held at La Verrière du Marais, the space is typically surrounded by inspiration like galleries, exhibitions and pop-up stores.

Guests enjoyed a menu crafted by Michelin star Mory Sacko. Injecting Mory’s personality and the luxury of the LBX, the event consisted of various chapters in the story:

  1. Arrive: setting the scene
  2. Pre-heat: a contemporary riddling rack of baguettes accompanied by mesmerising lighting, symbolising an oven being turned on.
  3. Ingredients: a visual masterpiece, croissant ingredients were displayed separately in their exact quantities in a glass case.
  4. Prove: guests were surrounded by giant spheres imitating the process of pastry making.
  5. Bake: reminiscent of layers of pastry, pleated fabric created a multi-sensory tunnel for guests to walk through, accompanied by ASMR sounds of cracking pastry.
  6. Serve: two sushi conveyor belts presented branded LBX boxes with either sweet or savoury delicious treats inside for guests to enjoy.
  7. LBX display: between the sushi conveyor belts, the LBX was presented on a colour-changing light-up platform that guests could interact with.
  8. Savour: two stations for food service presented guests with the culinary masterpieces of Mory Sacko.
  9. First floor: this is where guests had an impressive view of the event from the balcony. Guests could view the plat du jour - the LBX - and see LBX lifestyle imagery from previous events, presented in an art gallery set-up.

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