Given the rapidly developing situation with the COVID-19 virus we would like to update you on the situation with our network, and with regard to servicing or repair work you may need on your vehicles.

    Our priority is always to ensure the well-being of our customers, staff and partners. The rapid escalation of the virus and countermeasures now in place to stop the spread has inevitably had an impact on the service we provide.

    Our Lexus Centre in Nicosia is temporarily closed until 13th April 2020, but remains contactable to discuss your motoring needs, or any urgent service / repair support. You can contact us by phone or email in the first instance, or our customer service team below:

    Due to social distancing measures, we are working with a reduced number of team members. This could result in a delay in responding to requests, so please bear with us during this time.


    In the unfortunate event of your Lexus being off-the-road, you may contact us by phone at: 96 413080


    If you are concerned about your vehicle’s routine servicing, please do not worry. Despite the fact our Lexus Centre workshop is temporarily closed, it will remain contactable to provide any emergency service / repair support.
    Lexus Cyprus would like to reassure you that for the foreseeable future we intend to take a flexible and sympathetic approach to any service schedule or warranty issues.
    If you require more information you may contact us here:
    Regarding MOT, the Government decree applies. You can find more information on the Government website.


    In compliance with the recent Government decree, our Lexus Centre showroom is temporarily closed until 13 April. Our Lexus website remains fully operational. Once there, you can explore our full hybrid range, build your favourite Lexus model through our easy-to-use online configurator, and contact us to discuss your specific needs or even order your new or used Lexus.
    We will continue to monitor this evolving situation, especially with regard to government guidance, and will do our best to keep you informed as quickly as possible of any changes to the situation.
    We hope you, your family and friends stay safe and well during these difficult times and we look forward to being able to offer you an amazing Lexus service experience in the near future.
    Thank you and take care,
    Lexus Cyprus.
    • I’m not using my car at the moment. What do I need to do to keep the battery functioning?

      i. For our conventional vehicles there are two ways to store your vehicle.

      a. The vehicle should be started every week for 20 minutes without the need to drive the vehicle but make sure all lights and electrical accessories are off.


      b. The negative terminal of the battery should be removed. The battery might need charging depending on period and condition stored when the vehicle will be brought out of storage. *

      ii. For our hybrid vehicles:

      a. To prevent excessive auxiliary battery drainage, charge the battery at least once every two weeks by powering on the hybrid system for 20 minutes with all lights and electrical accessories are turned off.


      b. As an alternative, you may disconnect the negative terminal of the auxiliary battery. *

      For the hybrid vehicle battery, charge the battery at least once every two months by starting the hybrid system for about 30 minutes. Check that the "ready" light is on and all lights and electrical accessories are off. As with the auxiliary battery charging, it is not necessary to drive the vehicle.
      *Note all stored memory (memory seats, clock radio stations etc..) will be lost, so reinitialization will be needed when re-connecting the battery.

    • How can I report my accident?

      We recommend you contact Lexus Centre (still contactable) to report your accident and deliver your vehicle to us. We open our workshops to store and keep vehicle safe and we will start the necessary coordination with insurance company and works after the temporary suspension period.