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UX Executive

Wagon 5 Doors

Black (212)

Starting from


Financing From

561,00 €/Month

Financing Details

Standard Engine

2.0L HEV 20H-

Standard Warranty

5 YEARS / 100,000 MILES


Top features


For engaging performance in situations such as frequent stop-start driving in the city and when navigating winding roads, the UX 300e’s deceleration can be controlled in four levels using the paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel.


Another central point of interaction with the UX 300e is the finely crafted drive selector. Replacing the conventional gearshift, it fits snugly in your palm and applies our very latest ‘shift-by-wire’ technology to create a premium feel for controlling Reverse, Neutral and Drive.


The UX 300e is the first Lexus model to offer cabin trim inspired by the grain of a paper, known as ‘washi’, which is used in traditional Japanese sliding doors.
Starting from

561,00 €/Month

Financing Details


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