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To add a car, you either click on 'Add Vehicle' on the homepage or if you already have a vehicle click on the My Garage icon on the top right 'add' button. To delete a car, go to My Garage , scroll down and click on 'Remove Vehicle'.

In the Lexus Link+ app, first select your car from My Garage, then click on Connected Services Center. Then follow the flow to activate the Connected Services that are available for your vehicle.


In case one or more connected cars in My Garage have not yet been activated, you will be prompted with a welcome screen to activate Connected Services each time you log into the app. If you skip this step, you can still activate it at a later stage by following the steps above.


Note: within the activation process you will need to accept the Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Notice.

If you want to permanently stop Connected Services on the Lexus Link+ app, first select the specific car from My Garage, then click on Connected Services Center. Follow the flow to deactivate the services. 


Lexus Link+ app let you be in control of your car wherever you are. It is easy to use and it will provide you with unique features that bring your experience to a new level beyond driving. You can plan journeys, locate your parked car, find information on when your car is due to receive maintenance, check your vehicle data and receive important notifications about your car, as well as control Climate System, Doors and Hazard lights of your car remotely.

The row of 5 icons from left to right stand for following sections:


  • Vehicle -  Map - Notifications - Account  -  Support

You can access Connected Services at any time. Car data is sent to the app when the engine is turned off. You’ll be able to view the details of your last trip after the engine has been switched off. Mobile data coverage is needed to send data, so it may not work in case you park your car underground.

The account details are the same for the My Lexus app and Customer Portal. On both platforms the password can be changed. 


To change your password go to the login screen and select Forgot Password.

Your retailer will need to confirm your identity to ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to access any personal data of Lexus customers.


You are requested to visit your retailer because protecting customer personal data is a priority at Lexus.

  • Cancel Connected Services Subscription and Remove the car from your  account in the application
  • Remove User Profile from Multimedia head unit
  • Don’t delete your account, as any future Lexus cars you may own can be added to the account. Don’t forget to inform the new owner of the car that the vehicle is equipped with Connected Services.

Connected Services will stop if the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is removed from your account.

In the navigation bar click on the Account section icon, which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner, to edit profile settings.

Connected Services are included with the purchase of any Connected Services compatible Lexus vehicle, for a span of ten years.


Connected Services for vehicles equipped with Smart Connect is included for a span of 4 years.

The Connected Services of theLexus Link+ app will function for 10 years. Lexus will cover the cost of data used to provide Connected Services for 10 years, but the Lexus Link+ app will function even without Connected Services.

In the My Garage screen  you can click on Preferred Dealer button under Service and Maintenance. Here you can set up your preferred retailer.

Hybrid Driving Coaching gives you contextualised coaching on how you can improve your Hybrid driving, based on your previous journeys, letting you make the most of EV mode to lower your fuel consumption and minimise your environmental impact.

Yes, on selected models. On the Dashboard in the Home page you can see the current fuel level as a gauge and the range.

Yes, on selected models you can see the status of the vehicle’s doors, windows, boot and lights. 


To check the status go to the Home page. Click on the Vehicle Status button.


For more details about function availability by model please get in contact with an Authorized Retailer or check the information on our local Lexus website.

Yes, on selected models you can  (un)locked remotely via the app. In the Remote Control card you will find the lock/unlock buttons.


Please note that you will not be able to:

  • Lock the car if any of the doors are open and/or if the smart key is inside the car 
  • Unlock the car if the Car Alarm is set or if the car was manually locked with the physical key


For more details about function availability by model please get in contact with an Authorized Retailer or check the information on our local Lexus website.

Yes, selected models can be located in a crowded parking by remotely switching on the vehicle's hazard lights. 


In the Lexus Link+ app, go to the Remote Control card. By clicking on Hazard Lights you can activate the vehicle's hazard lights, enabling you to easily find your car.


The hazard lights are activated for a duration of 60 seconds. After 60 seconds you can activate the Hazard Lights feature again. 


For more details about function availability by model please get in contact with an Authorized Dealer or check the information on our local Lexus website.


Go to the Services dashboard and choose Hybrid Driving Coach (for Hybrid vehicles), EV Coaching (for Battery Electric Vehicles)  or Driving Analytics (for non-Electric vehicles). Select the All Trips tab to see your previous trips and then click on a trip to access the related driving analytics. You can also find the details of your last journey on the Home Screen dashboard.

The Lexus Link+ app is supported on: 

  • iOS devices with version 15.0 or higher
  • Android devices with version7.0 or higher but not from the brand Huawei (Huawei launched their own HarmonyOS operating system in June 2021)

You can find app version at the bottom of "Account" section.

You need to enter your  credentials into the multimedia unit of your car. You’ll then need to link your multimedia to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Next you need to tether Bluetooth, to connect the car to the internet. The My Destinations feature will now work. 

If you have a set of jumper/booster cables and a second vehicle, you can jump start your vehicle by following the procedure in the owner manual.

Yes and no. A car can be added to multiple accounts but only one account can access connected services at the time or any other personal data.

Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Lexus Link+ app. Then simply download the app, entirely free of charge.

The account is shared between the Lexus Link+ app and Customer Portal. On both platforms an account can be created from the login screen. After the creation of an account you will receive an activation email which you have to confirm before you can access your account and add your vehicle(s).

Available on selected models, Remote Climate can be remotely activated via the Lexus Link+ app to help cool/warm the interior of the vehicle to a comfortable level. 


From the Remote  Control card/ you will be able to start  Remote Climate for a period of 10 minutes. When  Remote Climate is activated the Lexus Link+ app indicates how much time is left until the end of the operation. Remote Climate can be renewed twice (2x10min).


On some vehicles keep in mind that when activating Basic Remote Climate, the car's engine will also start. As such all auxiliary settings used during the last trip (before engine was switched off) will be turned on (e.g., temperature setting, seat heater, radio, etc...).  


On selected vehicles Remote climate will have more advanced functionalities. Such as:

  • Remotely controlling seats ventilation, seats heater, steering wheel heater and defrost
  • Schedule Remote climate: conveniently decide in advance when the car interior must be cooled down or warmed up.


Please note that Basic Remote Climate on combustion engine and hybrids is not available in Austria due to legal restrictions. Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug In Electric Vehicles do have Remote Climate available in Austria.


Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug In Electric Vehicles will require at least 20% or 30% battery level to be able to operate the Air Conditioner.


Under -10°C exterior temperature, Remote Climate will not operate on Plug In Electric Vehicles.

Once a vehicle is added to the account it is not possible anymore to use the old version of the Lexus Link+ app for that same car. However if you own more than 1 Lexus vehicle it is still possible to use old app for models which are not moved yet to the new app version.

You can check your active and inactive subscriptions by going to My Garage, and select the section Connected Services Center.

You can manage your ToU through the Data Privacy Portal section in your account.

You can consult your Privacy Notice through the Data Privacy Portal section in your account.