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Collision protection starts with collision prevention. Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection ensure that you’re always best-placed to react to the road ahead. The Pre-Collision System monitors vehicles and pedestrians ahead of your car, sending alerts if a frontal collision is likely and improving your braking capability if a collision is unavoidable.

Through a millimetre-wave radar sensor and camera, PCS surveys the road in precise detail to detect cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

If a collision is anticipated, the driver is notified by both audio and visual cues; empowering them to take evasive action. Additionally, if the system judges that there is a high possibility of collision or that a collision is unavoidable, Brake Assist, increases braking pressure and automatically activates the brakes to prevent a collision and mitigate any damage.

PCS enhances your driving intuition, to reaffirm your sense of distance from any obstacles in front and give you peace of mind. Unfamiliar roads become more enjoyable to navigate, as with PCS helping you maintain awareness of other road users, you can relax and enjoy the drive.

Disclaimer: Do not use the Lexus safety system instead of normal driving under any circumstances and please read the instructions before operating the system. The driver is always responsible for driving safely.


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