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Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology leaves a lighter footprint on the environment and on your wallet. With superior fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, you can also reduce maintenance and running costs


Since the launch of our first luxury sedan over 30 years ago, Lexus has become a synonym for exceptional design, quality and craftsmanship. Perhaps most importantly, we are also a pioneer and leader in luxury car electrification.

For over 15 years, Lexus has been creating world class technology to enhance the human experience and benefit society as a whole. Leading the world as a pioneer in electrification technologies, breakthroughs such as the two-stage reduction gear and multi-stage hybrid system have set the standard for an all-electric future.


The ultra-modern technology of our electrified vehicles is combined with the tradition of our ‘Takumi’ master craftspeople. Attention to detail can be seen in everything from the beautiful hand-sanded paintwork to the cleanroom assembly of electric components.

Your exhilarating journey will take place from the comfort of hand-stitched leather seats with a design inspired by ‘sashiko’, a traditional Japanese quilting technique which brings both strength and a distinctive style to the upholstery.

Finally, before it your vehicle arrives at your home, it’s checked and then rechecked for perfection. The electrified age offers timeless quality.


Resting on our laurels is not an option and this is why we recently launched the LF-30 concept car. Created to transform enjoyment, the vehicle offers driver-focused control and an active luxury lounge environment, all wrapped in a sleek and futuristic exterior. Benefitting from over two decades of electrification experience, with its four in-wheel electric motors, steering-by-wire and Lexus Advanced Posture Control, it promises a driving experience like no other.

An innovative interior uses autonomous technologies and a new advanced posture control that further evolves driving pleasure. Next-generation interfaces include gesture control and enhanced presentation of vehicle information through Augmented Reality. The opacity of the side windows can be freely adjusted, providing you with expansive views of the surrounding scenery or privacy when you simply want to be at one with your car.