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The all-new Lexus RZ has been awarded the 2023 five-star rating by Euro NCAP, the independent vehicle safety test organisation.

  • High safety scores in all categories for Lexus’ battery electric SUV  
  • Lexus Safety System + detects risks and assists driver responses 
  • Robust construction and passive safety features ensure excellent impact protection 


Results released on September 6 show that Lexus’ battery electric SUV scores highly in all safety categories: 87% for adult occupant protection; 87% for child occupants; 84% for vulnerable road users; and 81% for the performance of its safety assist systems.

The organization highlights on its releaseOpens in new window that: “The Lexus RZ meets Euro NCAP’s expectations for all-around good crash protection for occupants representing a range of ages, heights, and sizes. The car is also equipped with the latest crash avoidance systems and comes with several new active safety innovations. The RZ is the first car that Euro NCAP rewards for Child Presence Detection technology under the latest 2023 rating regime (…) The child presence detection system, which warns when a child or infant may have been left in the car and is consequently potentially lifesaving in hot weather”.

The RZ has an inherently strong platform and body construction, with the battery unit integrated into the chassis, and takes care of passive safety with nine airbags as standard. Moreover, as all Lexus models, the RZ is equipped as standard with Lexus Safety System +, a comprehensive package of advanced safety and driver assistance systems.

In its latest, third generation, Lexus Safety System + benefits from upgrades and additions which increase the scope of risk detection. Key elements of the system include: 

A Pre-Collision System (PCS) with radar and camera, to detect oncoming vehicles including motorcycles. With third-generation Lexus Safety System +, PCS can now also detect cyclists during night time. And with the new Intersection Turn Assist feature, it can detect oncoming vehicles when turning, as well as pedestrians crossing the street.

Lane Departure Alert and Lane Tracing Assist both help keep the car correctly centred in its lane. In addition to reducing driving burden, this assists, when necessary, with steering operation. 

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control enables the driver to set the inter-vehicle distance and acceleration level. And with the new Curve Speed Reduction feature, the vehicle’s speed can now adjust automatically according to bend radius.

The Emergency Driving Stop System slows the vehicle to a stop within the lane if the driver becomes unable to operate the controls, for example because of sudden illness. While the system does this, it warns other road users by flashing the hazard lights.

To allow earlier activation of the Emergency Driving Stop System, Driver Monitor enables earlier detection of inappropriate driver states – such as distraction, poor posture, closed or unblinking eyes, or the movement of the driver’s head away from its usual position.

Proactive Driving Assist discreetly and gently assists the driver, most usually at lower speeds around town, through distance control between the vehicle and a preceding vehicle, and by providing steering and deceleration support in response to hazards such as pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles.

Through such broad-ranging driver assistance technologies, Lexus strives to make vehicles such as the RZ among the safest on the road. For more information, please visit: Lexus RZ full press kitOpens in new window