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Lexus: 24-Hour 'Sunrise to Sunrise' Celebrates All-New UX Across Europe.

Following the launch of the all new Lexus UX earlier this year, the Lexus 24 Hour Event marked the exciting next chapter of the story where guests had to undertake a unique multi-country experience as they got behind the wheel of the Lexus UX for a test drive like no other.

Topping and tailing with an incredible sunrise, the 24-hour experience was a journey where every second was a chance to find a new horizon, each turn uncovered new vistas and each location offered its own unique quality, all behind the wheel of the all-new Lexus UX.

From the mountainous panoramas at l’aiguille du midi in Chamonix to the bustling city of Milan, from the sun rising over Lake Léman to the ancient site of Candelo in Italy, guests had to travel over 300km across Switzerland, France and Italy with infinite horizons at each turn. The journey was curated to showcase the essence of the Lexus UX, such as its Self-Charging Hybrid technology and innovative safety system, whilst providing urban explorers with a taste of the luxury lifestyle.

In her role as ambassador for the Lexus UX and as seen in the recent global advertising campaign, urban photographer Elsa Bleda has curated an exhibition which explores the theme of new horizons and urban landscapes which was showcased in Milan as part of the experience.