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Experience the sensitivity of oriental brushstroke calligraphy by stamping letters of the alphabet _ with INSTAMP!

The soft end of an oriental calligraphy brush allows you to change the expression of a character, depending on the pressure of the first stroke.

INSTAMP provides this same control and effect in a set of ready-made alphabet stamps.

Ordinary stamps are made of a hard material with a flat contact surface that creates a consistent result when pressed on paper. In contrast, INSTAMP is made of a soft material with an undulating contact surface. The results are directly influenced by the degree of pressure and the angle applied by the user to the stamp. Using INSTAMP enables a person to learn about the relationship between cause and effect, the sense and the shape.


After studying architecture at university, Yuzo Azu learned visual design at Kuwasawa Design School. He currently works as a designer for an advertising production company.