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They are so strikingly unique—so unlike any other Kiriko glass—they radiate elegance no matter how you use them. As a craftsman, Nakamura is very concerned with uniqueness. This is why he employs a blowing technique that does not require a mold. In this manner, every glass is slightly different, a one-of-a-kind creation that only a single individual can possess. The surface of the glasses bear the pattern used for the door trim of the Lexus LS 500/500h. “A precise balance of force and angle ensure that that the carving is flawless,” relates Nakamura. Indeed, the exquisitely delicate patterns bring an artistic splendor to any environment.

Cased glass, which consists of fused layers of different colors, was specifically chosen to produce the lovely turquoise shade. When carved by hand, the colorful inner layer is playfully revealed. And while traditional techniques were employed in the making of each piece, their creation underscores an exciting evolution in the art of Kiriko. These beautiful glasses were born from the collaboration between Lexus and Studio Kobin, both of whom embrace the values of traditional craftsmanship while continuing to push the boundaries. Because sooner or later, beauty breaks the rules.