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The Lexus LC 500 has received the Best Convertible honour in the 2021 awards from carwow, one of the UK’s leading new and used car-buying advice websites.

With around five million users, carwow is a respected and popular source of information and expert opinion for consumers. Its annual awards honour cars in different market categories and also, through a public vote, an overall car of the year.

Mat Watson, Chief Content Officer for the carwow car buying comparison website, expressed the qualities that make the LC 500 Convertible such an impressive car, remarking: “This car just looks absolutely stunning. It is a truly brilliant convertible with a fabulous interior. So just sit back, fold down the roof and soak up the admiring glances as you burble past".

Based on Lexus’s LC flagship coupe, the LC 500 Convertible has been created as a model in its own right, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that its styling, aerodynamic performance, ride and handling are of the highest quality. Launched in summer 2020, it represents the best in Lexus design, engineering and takumi craftsmanship.

Chief Designer Tadao Mori and his team set out to create “the world’s most seductive convertible,” committing to preserve the powerful and elegant lines that distinguish the coupe. This included the design of an all-new retracting soft top with an ingenious folding mechanism that allows it to be stowed in a very compact space, without intruding in the load compartment. This arrangement and a bespoke tonneau cover ensure the sleek rear styling is perfectly co-ordinated with the rest of the bodywork.

Similarly, fine-tuning of the air conditioning system, aerodynamic details throughout the car and the suppression of wind flow and noise ensure that top-down driving is exhilarating yet always comfortable. Strategic strengthening in the body preserves the car’s poise and agility.

The LC 500 Convertible is powered by Lexus’s naturally aspirated 457bhp V8 engine. Matched to a 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission, it enables nought to 62mph acceleration in five seconds, accompanied by a rousing engine note that is all the more enjoyable when driving with the top down.