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Convention-defying. Compact. Lightweight. A new era of Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid has arrived. From enhancing the everyday drive, to extending all-electric driving range, discover the power behind the LBX.

As a car that’s everything but ordinary, the LBX was created to defy conventions and push the boundaries of technology as well as luxury. Pioneering a next-generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid, the LBX is powered by a new era. Elevating the all-electric driving experience, discover exactly how the new 1.5 litre Self-Charging Hybrid powertrain delivers the unexpected yet unwavering performance of a full-size SUV in compact form.


From undeniably peaceful journeys to saving on fuel costs, there are many benefits to our new Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid powertrain.


Making the everyday extraordinary from the inside out, the next-generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid brings true driving pleasure to every journey. Designed to cater to all driving styles and lifestyles, it’s just as at home nipping through bustling city streets as it is winding on country roads.

How, exactly? By combining a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a high-output electric motor, the LBX promises dynamic driving and proves performance is more than skin deep.



As a car that’s everything but ordinary, the LBX Self-Charging Hybrid delivers beyond expectations with all-electric EV driving at both higher speeds and over longer distances. Elevating both driving pleasure and efficiency, the LBX has unlocked the next generation of electrified driving.

Experience newfound flexibility on your travels, with the option to travel in all-electric EV mode for up to 50% of the time. With a new low resistance, high output, nickel metal hydride battery, technology developments enable extra electric motor support when accelerating to focus on more rewarding performance.


As well as delivering on performance, the combination of the 1.5-litre petrol engine and high-output electric motor promise efficiency. Not only for the environment, but cost-wise for you too as electric costs are more stable than fuel.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, the combination of an advanced nickel metal hydride battery, lightweight materials and clever packaging also means you’re saving on fuel and CO2 emissions.


When it comes to the LBX, compact has never felt so grand. As the smallest ever Lexus SUV, the LBX Self-Charging Hybrid has been designed to create the full-blood Lexus experience with a compact luxury SUV format to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Featuring an optional E-FOUR all-wheel drive that allows for optimal handling, drivers can revel in the feeling of enhanced control. By automatically directing force to the rear wheels which are powered by an electric motor, the LBX remains reassuringly stable throughout entire journeys when pulling away, cornering and driving on low-grip surfaces.

Turning the perception of the compact car on its head and redefining luxury, the LBX is refined yet fun to drive. With its more compact size, it’s agile enough to belong on the city streets as well as adventuring, thanks to an impressive stance. So regardless of what your plans are, or what your plans unexpectedly become, your car is fine-tuned for every possible escapade.


A Lexus through and through, every feature and nuance of the LBX has been thoughtfully considered to create a luxurious driving experience.

Packaged up as a compact SUV, the LBX refuses to compromise on quality. Inside, drivers and passengers can settle into the comfort of a Semi-Aniline Leather and distinctive Tatami stitching interior amongst other luxurious materials and details. For company, the optional Mark Levinson premium system with 13 optimally positioned speakers fills the cabin with your favourite soundtracks. And extending luxury to its exterior, colours span from eye-catching bi-tone to timeless monotone shades, so you can find an LBX that feels like an extension of you and your style.

Drive the LBX Self-Charging Hybrid from February 2024.