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LS Executive

Sedan 4 Doors (LWB)

LS - Executive - Sedan 4 Doors  (LWB)
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  • 20" cast alloy wheels, multi-spoke design, 245/45 R20 tyres
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)
  • Lexus Safety System +
LS - Executive - Sedan 4 Doors  (LWB)
Black (212)

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Top features


Our leather three-spoke steering wheel fits snugly in your hands, and can even heat up for colder mornings. Meanwhile, our alternative option combines real leather with beautiful inlays of finely grained wood, creating a sensory delight for your fingers.


Using technology first developed for jet fighter aircraft, the LS’s high resolution colour Head-Up Display is positioned unobtrusively in your field of vision and projects key information onto the windscreen. At 24 inches this is the largest in the world, and it creates an image so crisp and sharp you’ll have no problem viewing the data, even in the very brightest sunlight.


The driver-focused cockpit is low and inviting, giving you an ideal view of the road ahead and a truly rewarding driving experience. Displays are positioned close to your driving view and the features you use frequently, such as Drive Mode Select, are concentrated around the steering wheel given you smooth and seamless control over your Lexus.

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