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Celebrating the launch of the all-new NX, Lexus reveals society’s redefined priorities and how feeling more is an art form.

A report commissioned by Lexus and developed in partnership with leading global trends forecaster WGSN has taken a comprehensive look at the world as it opens up post-pandemic, shedding light on the trends and behaviours we’ve all found ourselves conforming to over the past 18 months and the shifting priorities felt across the generations.

Following this united time of sensory deprivation, we are now looking to feel more in every moment - from treating your family and friends to home-cooked fine dining, to the development of augmented biology and the Internet 3.0, to the simple pleasure of getting up to dance, the report illustrates the importance consumers continue to place on experience.

Concerns around population migration, due to environmental and economic factors, have resulted in estimates that claim 10% of European cities are set to lose a quarter of their population in the next thirty years. One of the areas the Report addresses is how urban leaders improve their neighbourhoods to stem the outward flow.

Holidaying behaviours are also expected to change drastically, with almost 60% of us planning to avoid crowded places on our next trip, but what makes a destination most attractive to consumers? As space tourism gears up to be a €2.5 billion industry by 2030, are we in all in touching distance of an out-of-this-world experience?

Produced by Lexus to mark the launch of the all-new NX, The Art of Feeling More shows us that what we really want from our lives - and products we buy - is to feel a connection: something the NX achieves through its state-of-the-art intuitive control system, ergonomically-advanced interior and dedication to producing a sustainable, refined and powerful performance.

WGSN has spent more than 20 years trend forecasting for the world’s most powerful brands. Its extensive network of industry experts, based in 15 regional offices, provides facts and inspiration to a community of over 43,000 product designers and thought leaders in 32 global markets. All this makes WGSN the perfect partner for Lexus, to cut through the noise and discover what really matters in an ever-changing world.

As part of the report, Lexus asked four ‘Tastemakers’ to reflect on its findings, providing some fascinating insights into what they think the future holds for their disciplines: up-and-coming UK fashion star Daniel W. Fletcher, Paris native photographer Floriane de Lassée, Ukrainian ballet dancer Oleg Ivenko, and Italian journalist and culinary superstar Benedetta Parodi.

Incorporating the Tastemakers’ informed predictions, research from physicists and sociologists, and a com-prehensive overview of what we buy and enjoy, the report taps into what makes us tick, helping Lexus pro-vide more meaning for everyone that sits behind the wheel of the NX. Feeling more really is an art form.